The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid, the First Hybrid Motorcycle

Piaggio, arguably the most successful motorcycle brand released the world’s first hybrid motorcycle, the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid. It combines a petrol engine and an electric motor. Besides, it has minimal emissions making it an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Piaggio released this motorcycle in 2009, and it has since proved to be a very worthy investment. Piaggio was really determined to go Green, and that is why they invested heavily on the project. Close to 10 years later, the MP3 Hybrid has received a cordial welcome in the market, and sales have greatly increased over the years.

The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid owes much of its design to the Piaggio MP3, released way back in 2006. The MP3 Hybrid is a three-wheeled motorcycle that has been engineered with elaborate suspensions for stability.

When it comes to engine and performance, Piaggio never gambled. Both the petrol and electric engines work simultaneously

This hybrid motorcycle has a four-stroke 3-valve 125cc. petrol engine. To boost fuel efficiency, there’s a Ride-by-Wire system that works in the same way as Toyota’s VVTI. Piaggio maintained the automatic CVT transmission that works well with learners.

There’s also an electric motor that uses high-performance lithium-ion batteries as opposed to the old nickel-metal-hydride batteries. In Hybrid technology, there are three drive modes; Charge, Power, and Electric. There’s also a plug-in charging system that allows owners to charge the motorcycle right from the mains.

After its release, we have seen the introduction of other variations of the MP3 Hybrid. To cater for those who want power, there’s a 300cc variation of the MP3 Hybrid that was released in 2010.

Now that Piaggio has opened the stage for Hybrid motorcycles, we expect other motorcycle brands to emulate the same and manufacture Hybrid motorcycles. This is in line with the global mission to ensure we go Green.