The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid, the First Hybrid Motorcycle

Piaggio, arguably the most successful motorcycle brand released the world’s first hybrid motorcycle, the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid. It combines a petrol engine and an electric motor. Besides, it has minimal emissions making

Yourban 300, Performance and Stability for Everyday Commuting

The Yourban 300 is among the premier three-wheelers in the market. It has a powerful and efficient 300cc engine with EFI for fuel efficiency. With three wheels, it is stable, agile and easy to handle. This scooter is suitable for

The Beverly 350 SportTouring

The Beverly 350 SportTouring is a tall-wheeled scooter that is reckoned to be the best tall-wheel scooter in the market. It packs some of the best features and technology in the motorcycle world. With a robust 330cc engine and CVT

Piaggio New Fly 150 3 V

The New Fly 150 is a modern motorcycle that has been built for everyday use. It packs a high-performance engine and an aerodynamic body for swiftness in high traffic. Since its introduction, it has increasingly become popular, globally. It has