5 Tips to Keep your Piaggio Scooter in Good Condition

After purchasing your Piaggio motorcycle, it is important that you keep it in good condition to maintain its value. So, today, we are going to look at 5 important tips that will help you keep your motorcycle in good condition, always.

Change Oil Regularly

Just like in vehicles, changing your oil regularly is very important. Different motorcycles have different oil change intervals. Liaise with your mechanic or Piaggio after sales team and they will advise accordingly.

Check Your Brake Pads

Most motorcycle owners ignore checking their braking pads. Your bike wheels should have effective brake pads for reliable and smooth braking. It is recommended that you change your brake pads once they are thinner than 2mm. Nothing can be as fatal as when you find that your brakes are ineffective when at high speed.

Monitor Tires

Before beginning a journey, it is important to check your tires. Check the pressure as driving with the wrong pressure may cause drags and can even be dangerous, especially in extreme conditions. When they are overly inflated, they will also cause less contact and thus, lesser grip. You should check the wear of the treads so that you may plan for replacement on time.

Check Chain Tension

The motorcycle’s chain should be well lubricated and shouldn’t slack too much. A very tight or loose chain tension will cause excessive chain wear and rough gear shifts. During your check-ups, make sure you ask the mechanic to check the chain tension for adjustments or replacement.

Clean the Air Filter Regularly

Most motorcycles and even vehicle owners forget cleaning their air filters regularly. A dirty air filter may force dirt into your engine which may cause loss of power or even damage inner engine components. If you ride through dusty areas, make sure you clean your air filter as frequent as weekly.

By following these maintenance practices, you will keep your Piaggio in good condition. Above all, schedule bi-annual or annual comprehensive checks to be sure of your motorcycle’s general condition.