About Piaggio

Piaggio is among the world’s most successful motorcycle brands. However, its journey to success has not been an easy one.

Operating under Piaggio & C. SpA, Piaggio is an Italian vehicle brand that is popular worldwide. The company was started by Enrico Piaggio as a naval supplies factory in 1882. Two years later, Piaggio & C. SpA was officially founded by Rinaldo Piaggio. During this time, it was mainly relating to the railway sector.

During the 1st World War period, Piaggio had ventured into the field of aeronauts, a move that didn’t favour them at all. The company faced a lot of ups and downs brought about by the effects of the war on the economy. Finally, Piaggio got it right when they got into the world of two-wheeled vehicles.

By 1960, Piaggio had started introducing great motorbikes that the market loved. However, in 1964, the company split into two different companies; I.A.M. Rinaldo Piaggio (aeronautical), and Piaggio & C. (motorcycles).

Piaggio & C. further witnessed more success when the innovative Ciao hit the market in 1967. In the early 90s, Piaggio released the Sfera and Hexagon. The Sfera had a new and uniquely designed plastic bodywork, while the Hexagon was a major hit in the maxi-scooter category. Perhaps Piaggio’s all-time best product was the 1997 moped. It was a real hit and was termed as the perfect blend of performance and durability. It had a 50cc engine that was fuel efficient without any compromise on performance. This was its best feature and what triggered huge sales. Thereafter, Piaggio released the Beverly, MP3, HyS, and X10, among others.

Right now, Piaggio is a top global brand. It has subsidiaries all over the world, and retails in several American, European, Asian and African countries. Piaggio is among the bestselling two-wheeled and three-wheeled mobility solutions.